Lundbygaard B&B

Karin Lunde

Lundbygaard is an idyllic half-timbered, thatched roof farm located in the Danish country-side on the small island of TÃ¥singe. It is the center of a modern day farm, where the owner, Christian Lunde and his son Ulrik work together to farm ~380 ha. of land. Our home is run by Karin Lunde, who will be your hostess at Lundbygaard B&B. Karin strives for a good relationship with her guests, everyone’s happiness is important. In the winter Karin keeps busy running three women’s gymnastics teams

What’s nearby

Lundbygaard is located on the Marguerite route, is within walking distance to the beach, hiking in the woods, and sightseeing at Valdemar’s Castle. Shopping and dining in the city of Svendborg is only a short 8 km away, the local bike paths and scenery make it a beautiful trip!


Lundbygaard has been in our family for 8 generations. In 1844 it was moved stone by stone to its current location from the nearby town. At this time along with most of the farms on the the island of TÃ¥singe it was owned by Valdemar’s castle. In 1914 our grandparents purchased the farm from the castle, and it remains in the family to this day.